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Big Reef Tank gets themed

- Published 22th April 2018 Since the hull of the reef tank is ready and the view panels are firmly sealed, we are ready to proceed with the theming and do some serious plumbing. In this blog we'll install ceramic coral panels, a couple of big pumps, an over-flow pipeline and few hundred [...]

Big Reef Tank gets themed2018-04-22T21:50:03+00:00

Aquarium and it’s surroundings are almost completed

-Published 6th Feb 2018 The aquarium's windows are now firmly sealed. The black surface around the tank is composed of acustic panels. They will be covered later (see the last picture). Towards the end of December 2017 our installation in the lobby hall of the New Childrens Hospital starts to look, well, [...]

Aquarium and it’s surroundings are almost completed2018-02-08T07:22:57+00:00

Live rocks and plywood construction

- Published 27th Dec 2017 While still drafting the project during Summer 2015 I focused on finding theming materials, particularly live rocks. The most natural, yet ethical solution was to use recycled rocks and not to fly them across the globe. In this blog text I will also describe how the aquarium hull [...]

Live rocks and plywood construction2018-02-06T17:09:25+00:00
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